Imagine being turned out of the only home you have ever known with only the clothes on your back and a small amount of cash to make your start in the world AT THE AGE OF SIXTEEN!

That’s exactly the scenario Larry Hansard and his wife, Martha, of Dallas, Texas encountered when they began the arduous, expensive, heart-wrenching, and ultimately successful and rewarding process of adopting two young girls from the Ukraine in 2008.  Haunted by the countless children they could not adopt who begged “take me too,” Mr. Hansard and two other “Adoptive Dads” of Eastern European children – Ted Wachendorfer and Bryan Harveston – founded OAIF in 2009. 

OAIF is a 501c3 non-profit corporation organized to provide hope and relief to older orphans around the globe through humanitarian aid.  According to UNICEF, there are an estimated 143 million orphan children worldwide.  Many of these children have little to no hope of finding a family if they are not adopted by the age of two or three.  Sadly, most are expelled from state-run orphanages at the age of sixteen to fend for themselves, which often relegates these children to lives of prostitution and crime, and many times results in suicide.  It is these “older” children that OAIF seeks to reach and help through its fundraising efforts. Our partnership with the Gladney Center for Adoption, begun in 2013, has allowed us to target our efforts at providing orphan relief through supporting their programs designed to fund basic human needs and educational opportunities to help these older orphans make the transition from orphanage to life on their own.  Our partnership is also providing OAIF with the ability to fund select progams in such places as Ethiopia, Columbia and China, where medical care and equipment is desperately needed for orphans with disabilities and other specialized needs.

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Your donation can provide hope, relief and change.  No donation is too small.  All donations, whether of your dollars, your volunteer time or your donation of goods and services for use in our fundraisers, can make a critical difference in the lives of orphans all over the world.